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Agriculture CP1596

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Cast-iron packer wheels for best performance

The CP11 Series Cultipackers feature 24.1-cm (9.5-in.) cast-iron packer wheels for durable performance when breaking up dirt clods to create smooth, even seedbeds.

Park stands offer quick and easy storage

Store the CP11 Series Cultipackers quickly and easily using the integrated park stands. Simply unclip the pin, drop the stands to the desired height, re-insert pin, unhook the implement, and move on to the next project.

Scraper kit available for the toughest conditions

Soil buildup should not get in the way of productivity. The optional scraper kit comes with individual scraper blades and brackets that quickly mount to the machine. The blades scrape off soil and trash buildup on the packer wheels to keep operators running smoothly while creating a smooth, even finish no matter the field condition.

Durable square mainframe for optimum performance

The durable square mainframe on the CP11 Series Cultipackers is built to bust the toughest clods.

Limited Category 1 Quick-Hitch for ease and time savings

Get the time savings and easy hook-up of the Quick-Hitch standard with the CP11 Series Cultipackers. The CP11 Series Cultipackers are compatible with the limited Category 1 Quick-Hitch as the easiest way to save time when hooking and unhooking the machine.


Model CP1596
Row Width 96 in. (243.8 cm)
PTO HP 30 - 125 hp (22.4 - 93.2 kW)
Hitch Cat. 1 and Cat. 2