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Lawn & Garden Z950R

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Heavy-duty frame provides strength and durability
Michelin® X® Tweel® Turf airless radial tire technology for ZTrak™ Mowers eliminates downtime and reduces cost of operation
Powerful 27-hp (20.1-kW) commercial-grade engine delivers class-leading performance and efficiency
Field-installed propane conversion kits for Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers, QuikTrak™ Mowers, and Commercial ZTrak™ Mowers
Durable, hydrostatic drivetrain including cross porting delivers better cooling and provides easy access


Model John Deere Z950 R Zero Turn Mower
Engine Manufacturer/model FX850V
Engine Power Gross at 3,600 rpm: 27 hp (20.1 kW)
Fuel tank capacity 11.5 U.S. gal. (43.5 L)
Mower deck Size 60, 72 in. (152, 183 cm)
Blade tip speed Approximately 18,000 fpm (5,486 m/min)
Transmission Hydrostatic
Speed range 0-12 mph (0-19.3 km/h)
Drive wheels 24x12-12
Caster wheels 13x6.5-6
Warranty 36 months or 1500 hours, whichever comes first; First 24 months, no hour limitation
Manufacturer/Model FX850V
Power Gross at 3,600 rpm, 27 hp (20.1 kW)
Displacement 52 cu in. (852 cc)
Cylinders Two
Crankcase capacity With filter, 2 U.S. qt (1.9 L)
Oil filter Full flow, replaceable
Lubrication Full pressure
Cooling Air
Air cleaner Pre-cleanerYesHeavy-duty canister type with safety element
Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel consumption Under normal conditions, load, operation, and dependent on loads and operating conditions 1.1-1.9 U.S. gal./hr4.2-7.2 L/hr
Fuel tank capacity 11.5 U.S. gal. (43.5 L)
Fuel tank switch/shut-off valve Yes
Charge system 20 amp
Battery voltage 12 V
Cold cranking amp 300 amp
Hour meter Standard, digital
Operator presence starting system Brake-N-Go (foot)
Transmission Hydrostatic
Hydraulic pumps 
Wheel motors Tuff Torq heavy-duty integrated piston wheel motor
Travel speed Speed range 0-12 mph (19.3 km/h); Forward 0-12 mph (19.3 km/h); Reverse 0-4.5 mph (0-7.2 km/h)
Speed and direction control Twin levers
Hydraulic capacity 5.9 U.S. qt (5.6 L)
Hydraulic oil cooler 
Filter Internal, replaceable
Warranty 36 months or 1500 hours, whichever comes first; First 24 months, no hour limitation
Drive wheels 24x12-12
Rear tires 
Load rating 4 PR
Dynamic braking Twin levers
Park brake Internal wet disk integrated in the transmission
Park brake actuation Foot brake
Type Electro-magnetic, 225 lb-ft (305 Nm)
Drive V-belt
Size 60, 72 in. (152, 183)
Deck construction 7-Iron PRO, one-piece stamped steel with reinforcements
Deck thickness 7 gauge 0.18 in. (4.6 mm)
Discharge Side, Mulch On Demand™ system
Height-of-cut range Increments 0.25 in. (0.64 cm); 1-5.5 in. (2.54-14 cm)
Cutting width 60, 72 in. (152, 183 cm)
Length Varies by deck size
Thickness 0.25 in. (0.64 cm)
Blade tip speed Approximately 18,000 fpm (5,486 m/min)
Number Three
Caster wheel type Flat free
Caster wheels 13x6.5-6
Front anti-scalp rollers RH, center, LH
Rear anti-scalp rollers Optional
Length 84 in. (213 cm)
Width With chute down, 74, 86 in. (188, 218 cm)
Height With ROPS up, 73 in. (185 cm); With ROPS down, 47 in. (119 cm)
Weight 1,292 to 1,340 lb (586 to 608 kg)
Date collected 11-Sep-2018