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Land Pride 706NT

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Benefits Features
High Transport Clearance Can go anywhere your tractor can pull it without gouging or bottoming out.
Large Inline End Wheels Unmatched ground gauging in rugged terrain. Inline end wheels minimize side loading
on contours and side-hills, dramatically extending the life of the no-till openers.
Standard Main Seedbox With
2.4 Bushels Per Foot Capacity
The optional small seeds box and either a native grass seedbox, a fertilizer box, or a
second seedbox can be added to the standard main seedbox.
Seed Level Indicator Easy to read from the tractors seat and indicates the amount of left.
4 Speed Gearbox For Various Seed
Makes seed rates changes quick and painless.
Automatic Clutch Disengages when the drill is lifted for making end-row-turns.
Wide Seed Cups Delivers the rate you choose, evenly and gently whether the seed is small, large, or
Calibration Crank Makes it easier to calibrate. Eliminates need to jack up the drive tire to calibrate.
Grease Bank For Coulter Pivots Makes it easier to lubricate coulter pivots frequently.
Rain-Tight Lids Provides maximum seed and fertilizer protection.
Lock-out Hub Disengages all drive components for reduce wear on drive system when transporting.
Safety Lighting Makes it safer to transport.
Acremeter Indicates the acres planted.
Six-Position Adjustable Hitch Height Adjusts to your tractor’s hitch height to keep the drill level in planting position.
Standard Weight Brackets Can add standard tractor weights to the weight brackets for even better penetration in
tough no-till conditions.
Folding Tongue Option Folds the tongue in half to use less storage space.


706NT: 55 HP Min.; 1006NT: 75 HP Min.

  • Rephasing cylinders with stroke control valve
  • Pull-type, Pintle or Clevis hitch
  • Two 9.00 x 24, 8-ply tires
  • Steel walk board with ladder
  • Acremeter
  • 1-3/4" Fluted feedcup
  • V-botton dividers
  • 4 Speed gearbox
  • Seed level indicator
  • Transport light kit