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Land Pride RCD1884

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Surpassed rugged industry standards All Land Pride Cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary testing procedures specified by ANSI.
5 Year gearbox warranty Shows our confidence in the gearbox integrity.
Gearbox Seal Protection Gearbox bottom seal protection for longer bearing life.
Cat. 3 main driveline with 2-plate slip-clutch 2-Plate slip-clutch protect driveline and gearboxes. slip-clutch is more convenient than shear bolt for continual work.
Shock absorbing flex-coupler between main and side gearboxes Protects intermediate drive shaft and side gearbox from hard objects in the blade path.
10" Deck offset to the right Allows the operator to cut closer to bodies of water, drainage ditches, roadways and objects such as fence lines, guard rails, buildings and trees.
Lower clevis type 3-point hitch Allows for ease of hook-up to tractor. Also adds additional strength allowing for an even pull from the tractor's lower arms, vs. pulling on a single pin design.
Fully welded 10 gauge deck Fully welded deck adds additional strength to the deck. 10 Gauge decks can withstand more abuse than decks with lighter gauge.
Box tubing deck supports Makes for a stronger rigid deck.
Round back design Helps discharge grass better than enclosed or partially enclosed cutters.
11 5/8" Deck Height Allows cutter to handle heavy cutting conditions.
1 1/2" to 12" Cutting height Provides for a wide range of cutting conditions.
Skid shoes Provides sidewall reinforcement and protection to bottom of sidewall.
1/2" x 4" Heat-treated free swinging blades Free swinging protects from obstructions. Heat-treated offers longer life.
1/2/" x 4" Blade bar Heavy-duty blade bar adds support to stump jumper and gearbox output shaft.
Splined blade bar hub Allows for tight positive fit of stump jumper and blade bar to gearbox output shaft.
Stump jumper Standard round stump jumper slides over stumps, rocks and debris.
Front and rear guarding Protect against flying debris.
Optional front rubber or single chain guarding.
Standard rear metal band or optional rear extended metal guarding.
Optional 15" Laminated tailwheel 4" x 16' Molded rubber Laminated material is long lasting in rough conditions and can't go flat. Can't go flat.


Specifications & Capacities RDC1884 Model
Machine Weight with
Dual Laminated Tailwheels
Dual Solid Tailwheels

900 lbs.
905 lbs.
Hitch Category l with clevis type lower links and floating top linkage
Quick Hitch adaptable
Cutting Width 84"
Overall Width 86 9/16"
Overall Length 80 9/16"
Offset Distance to the Right 10"
Deck Height at Rear 11 5/8"
Cutting Height 2" - 12"
Cutting Capacity 1 1/2" Diameter
Recommended Tractor Power Take-Off Horsepower 35-60 horsepower
Power Take-Off Speed 540 rpm
Gearbox 60 Hp main gearbox & 45 horsepower side gearbox
With speed-up beveled gears, cast iron housing, and 1.67" output shaft
Gearbox Lubricant EP 80-90W oil
Gearbox oil Capacity
Main Gearbox
Side Gearbox

4.7 pints
3.5 pints
Deck Construction All welded deck
Deck Material Thickness 10 Gauge
Side Skirt Material Thickness 10 Gauge
Skid Shoe Construction 3/16" Weld-on with mounting holes for adding optional bolt-on replaceable shoes
Stump Jumper 10 Gauge x 24" Round dish pan with 1" x 4" x 19 1/2" blade bar
Blades (4) 1/2" x 4" x 16" Heat treated alloy steel free-swinging suction blades
Blade Overlap 5"
Blade Bolts Keyed with harden flat washers & locknuts.
Blade Tip Speed 11,693 fpm
Main Driveline ASAE Category 3
Main Driveline Protection 2 plate slip clutch
Tailwheel Mount Caster fork with 360 degree swivel
Tailwheel Optional two 15" laminated tire or two 4" x 16" molded rubber tire.
Front Guard Optional 4" x 6" molded rubber or single chain guard
Rear Guard Standard metal band or optional metal extended guard