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Land Pride SPL0548

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Features Benefits
Designed to fit Kubota's BX tractors with front loaders Easy to attach to Kubota's BX tractor loaders with or without Kubota BX6315 Quick Hitch. A good fit for Kubota BX tractors with front loaders.
3/16" Side panels Built heavy to handle the tough jobs for Kubota BX tractors.
Bracing on side panels and back Reinforces side panels and back for a stronger unit.
1/4" Formed back plate at blade mount Makes for a strong moldboard.
Replaceable skid shoes Protects the side panels from wear.
Options & Accessories 
Reversible poly blade The blade can be reversed to extend the life of the blade.
Replaceable poly or steel blades The blades can be replaced to extend the life of the Snow Pusher.
Pull back with 3/8" weld-on steel blade Used to pull snow away from structures such as garage doors and other objects.
28" High orange marker (accessory) Assist in locating outer ends of the Snow Pusher when approaching buildings, trees, poles, and other obstacles that can damage equipment.


Model Numbers SPL0548
Working width 48"
Capacity (approximate) 9 ft³
with poly blade 160 lbs
with steel blade 168 lbs
Weight of pull back option 51 lbs
Horsepower range Maximum 28 hp
Operating weight of carrier 1,800 lbs.
Lift capacity of carrier 800 lbs. at pivot pins
Hitch type Fits Kubota BX front loader hitch, with or without Kubota BX6315 Quick Hitch.
Skid shoes 3/8" x 2" Replaceable
Moldboard thickness 12 Ga.
Side panel thickness 3/16"
Poly blades (option) 1/2" x 6" Poly; Reversible and replaceable blade
Steel blades (option) 3/8" x 4" Replaceable blade(s)
Pull Back (option) 3/8" x 3" Steel blade
Orange marker (accessory) 28" Tall, bolts to the side panels