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Loftness 144

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Rear Lift
Provides precise height adjustment for fine tuning performance and chop. Rear lifting choices include three ratchet or hydraulic cylinders.

Available with a 1 3/8-inch or 1 3/4-inch 1,000 RPM power takeoff. Includes over-running clutch on all models and constant velocity knuckle on all pull-types. Slip clutch is optional for extreme-duty applications. 

A standard feature on all Loftness shredder equipment, this field-proven and extremely reliable gearbox is rated at 280 HP. The Vegetable 12/24 is built with a 1,450 RPM gearbox.

The Vegetable 12/24 comes equipped with Loftness contour knives. There are three lengths of knives to follow ridges. Contour knives are available for 34-, 36-, 38-, 40-, 42- and 44-inch beds. 

Belt System
Efficient transfer of power via a four- or six-groove banded belt and spring-loaded push-type idler system.

Zero-Turn Radius
Fully-mounted option is available on all Vegetable Shredders. They offer zero-turn radius operation and zero driveline deflection, but may require a large tractor because the shredder is lifted off the ground. 

The 12/24 can be configured as a pull-type, semi- or fully-mounted model. Standard wheel choices apply. 

Driveline Bearings
A heavy-duty 1 3/4-inch American-made ball bearing is used to support the line shaft midway between the gearbox and end plate. 

Wheel/Roller Spacing
Wheel position is adjustable to accommodate different row widths. 

Bed Rollers
Specially designed bed rollers gauge the height of the cut from the top of the bed for more accurate cutting. The bed rollers also help push any uncovered vegetables into the ground to reduce exposure to the sun. Configurations for the 12/24 with bed rollers must use a fully-mounted hitch.


Model 144
Size 12'
Fully-mounted Height 48"
Fully-mounted Length 98"
Cutting Width 144"
Overall Width 163"
Hitch Length 12"
Weight in Pounds 4000
Number of Rotors 2
 Specifications and data are subject to change without notice.