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Loftness Orchard Spreader

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Low Profile
At only 56.4 inches tall, the OS170 leads the industry with its low profile, allowing it to easily travel under tree branches. Despite the lower profile, the spreader has one of the highest capacities with the ability to carry up to 80 cubic feet of material.

Narrow Width
With a hopper width of 48.7 inches and tire width of only 50.1 inches, the OS170 can operate efficiently in some of the narrowest spaced plantings.

Mechanical Apron Drive
The OS170 comes standard with a mechanical apron drive with hydraulic shut-off. It can also be equipped with a rope pull shut-off, or both hydraulic and rope shut-off.

Stainless Steel Construction
The hopper is constructed of 409 painted stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. All other areas exposed to continuous fertilizer contact are made from stainless steel as well, such as the 304 stainless steel conveyor chain.

Consistent Spread Pattern
Dual stainless steel spinners produce a consistent spread pattern up to 25 feet wide on the standard model. A 40-foot spread width is optional.

Adjustable Hitch
The hitch has an adjustable clevis to accommodate a wider range of drawbar heights, and allows for leveling of the spreader.


Model OS170
Spread Pattern 25' (40' optional)
Hopper Capacity (Struck) 58 cu. ft.
Hopper Capacity (Heaped) 80 cu. ft.
Weight (Empty) 1,690 lbs
Max Gross Weight 6,500 lbs
Overall Length 194.9"
Overall Height 56.4"
Hopper Width 48.7"
Outer Wheel Width 50.1"
Standard Tires 11L-15, 10 ply
Axles/Suspension Rigid axle, 2.5" OD tube, 0.219" wall
Hubs 6-bolt on 6", 3,500#
Frame Material 2" x 4" 11 ga
Hitch Material 3/16" formed steel
Drawbar Adjustable height clevis
Hopper Material/Gauge 12 ga, 409 stainless steel
Gate Material/Gauge 3/16", 409 stainless steel
Conveyor Chain Material 304 stainless steel, 1" x 1" Flatwire belt
Spinner Dish Material 409 stainless steel, 19" diameter x 3/16"thick
Conveyor Drive Ground drive (hydraulic optional)
Spinner Drive Hydraulic (540 PTO optional)

Specifications and data are subject to change without notice.