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Loftness 16-Ton Rear Auger

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Twin Storage Compartments
Twin storage compartments combined with a minimum 30-degree hopper slope, allows for optimal material flow.

Dual Ladders
Front and rear ladders offer easy access to the hopper compartments.

Obstruction Free Interior
The hopper is smooth with minimal flat surfaces and no internal gussets or plates to accumulate fertilizer. This results in a much cleaner system that helps prevent corrosion.

21- or 24-Foot Auger
The FT1600 can bit fitted with either a 21- or 24-foot auger. The 10-inch-diameter discharge augers are constructed of heavy-duty 409 stainless steel to provide maximum abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Self-Contained Hydraulics
The unit is powered by a self-contained hydraulic system, which includes a PTO-drive pump and 10-gallon reservoir.

Integral Lights
Sealed and rubber isolated lights are tucked neatly inside the frame, and are DOT compliant.


Model FT1600 21' Auger FT1600 24' Auger
Hopper Capacity (Struck) 500 cu. ft. 500 cu. ft.
Hopper Capacity (Heaped) 570 cu. ft. 570 cu. ft.
Hopper Compartments 2 compartments, 250 cu. ft. 2 compartments, 250 cu. ft.
Hopper Length 191.8" 191.8"
Hopper Width 96.1" 96.1"
Hopper Height Above Frame 84.7" 84.7"
Hopper Minimum Slope 30 degrees 30 degrees
Hopper Material 14-gauge, 409 stainless steel 14-gauge, 409 stainless steel
Auger Diameter 10" 10"
Auger Material 409 stainless steel tube and flighting 409 stainless steel tube and flighting
Hopper and Auger Dimensions 21' auger 24' auger
Discharge Height Raised 160.4" 178.7"
Discharge Height Lowered 117.2" 129.2"
Auger Reach Raised 127" 158"
Auger Reach Lowered 144.4" 178.3"
Overall Length Raised 339.1" 370"
Overall Length Lowered 359.1" 393.1"
Weight 3,200 lbs 3,270 lbs